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Increasing Product or Service Quality Even If You Don’t Have To

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For fun I have been playing Pokémon Go during the weekend as it was the Pokémon Go Fest Event. Usually you can expect some new stuff but the game itself remains the same production value wise. That’s what was interesting as they had a new addition when it came to the music. They took their original map music and remade it not only with new instruments but there were vocals as well now. Evidently, they wrote an actual song based on the music.

The company brings in over a billion dollars too without having to change the sound and graphics much. So business wise you could just sit there and rake in the money. As well they often do say if it isn’t broken don’t fix it. But I think the tricky thing is you can’t really tell if not innovating is simply enabling someone else to take away your limelight.

For example, if you were a restaurant and always saw the same customer show up then data wise that should mean if you maintain the quality then they will always come. But that data doesn’t usually tell you if they were going to other places as well. So it can end up like a situation where all of a sudden one day they decided to permanently switch to the competitor that is offering stuff more modern day and you wonder what happened.

You can still make things better without completely changing the essence of what you have. For example, if you were remodelling and old room switching an old analog phone for a digital one still keeps things in the same place but now you have a modern day look and tool. With that said I do think it is important to constantly innovate and become better.

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