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Importance of Acknowledgment or Interacting With Your Potential Customer

Today I went to this night market mainly for this illumination event but figured maybe there was some good gifts to buy too. One thing that was common in a lot of the booths was that the vendors would just mind their own business and not interact with anyone. Not even a simple hello when people go up to the table. It wasn’t surprising that the people who did acknowledge or interact with people passing by got more sales it seems.

It seems so silly that something so simple can be an integral factor to making a sale huh? Not only does it should that you in a way care, but I believe in many ways showing that kind of attention to another often makes them want to help you where they know in this case buying something from you would do that. Therefore there are more odds that people will purchase things from you.

The food vendors was a prime example as the businesses that went out and gave people samples while talking to them generated the most lineups not surprisingly. Don’t forget it’s a people business which means human interaction is important.

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