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Immediately Cutting Off Your Service or Not

Imagine you are some kind of consultant where your client is paying you on a retainer of some sort. Essentially, every time you talk to the person they would bill you even if it was to just say hi. Pretty normal practice for a lot of people. Imagine though that the person’s retainer was then used up and they try to ask for a little advice. In this case would you just bluntly cut people off like an answering machine until further payment is placed?

I was noticing a few businesses do that and it made me wonder if people are inclined to not do further business with them because of it. I know for myself it would feel too much like all they want is your money. While to a certain extent that is true for any business, it seems kind of silly to be that cold I think. Almost like entering a store where if the employees know that you are going to just see what is inside then automatically no one will acknowledge you or even smile.

Just because someone doesn’t have something that you want today doesn’t mean they won’t in the future.

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