If You See That The Majority Do Not Make Money

If You See That The Majority Do Not Make Money

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I was reading about this company that was trying to attract people to do business with them and of course one method they used was that they highlighted their top money earner to show people the possibilities. Essentially, selling people the dream. That then led to people saying how over eighty percent of the people in reality make very little or next to nothing and so with that in mind people should avoid it.

I never understood that mentality of avoiding a potential opportunity if the majority does not make any money as while I suppose the natural assumption is that the odds are against you one can argue that the majority of people are simply within that category where when they are given the opportunities and resources to do something they instead choose to do nothing. I’m sure statistics like that are the same too in terms of the percentage of how many small businesses can’t survive X amount of years too.

I would like to think in general if you were starting anything with the intent to make it successful that you don’t intend to be the majority anyhow. I would say those kinds of numbers are more for analyzing on what people have done which does not translate to the desirable results that you are seeking. Basically, an opportunity to think outside of the box and how things can be done differently.

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