How Quickly Older Technology Can Drop In Price

How Quickly Older Technology Can Drop In Price

On September 29th there is supposed to be a reveal of Google’s new Nexus smartphones and as you may expect that means the older models will drop in price. It was recently shown that on a site called Expansys you can now get the current Nexus 6 phone model for $369.99. That is over 30% off the retail price. I think it is safe to say they are a company that wants to get rid of the old phones to make way for the new model.

What I thought was great about this is how it kind of clearly shows you that technology products can drop like a rock in price pretty quickly as long as you are not caught up in needing the latest and greatest. I have noticed more nowadays too that a lot of people who buy the high ticket items on day one usually have an intent on reselling it. If for some reason you need a major upgrade for like work then that is a different story.

Is seeing these kinds of savings more appealing than simply being one of the first to have the best there is?

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