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Home Depot Offering Free Equifax Identity Protection

Not too long ago the company Home Depot announced that there was a breach in its payment system.  This means that anyone who used debit or credit card payments may be in potential risk of it being compromised.  It’s almost similar to the Target credit card breach story that happened not too long ago.  What was interested I read was that part of Home Depot’s reaction to this is that they are offering all potentially affected customers one free year of Equifax identity services for free.  You can read more at

This the first time I have personally seen something like this and it’s not too bad of a way to try and rebuild consumer confidence I suppose.  Funny enough, I actually did buy something from Home Depot during this time-frame.  However, my friend really wanted his reward points so I allowed him to put the bill on his card instead.  All is good though as I even let him know about this free offer.  Don’t forget to tell everyone you know who may be affected as well.

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