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Hidden Job Market Of Referrals

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The other day I got a surprise as a person asked me if I was available to create something website related for them. I don’t exactly go out advertising my skills or service in this way since it isn’t my main focus. I just happen to have the skills and abilities to do the job. Apparently the person asked me mainly because they knew I could do it and most importantly they trusted me. That’s a key for any kind of working relationship.

It makes you think here how there are probably hundreds of people that are grinding every day to find clients and reading job postings for website design related jobs as an example. Yet you can see here this one wasn’t advertised at all as the first option was for the person to contact people they already knew. That’s usually what happens where people only want to do a cold call per se for help if they don’t know anyone.

But it kind of shows you the importance where many times it is just simply knowing more people. Not just necessarily in whatever specific field you may be in. For example, like here maybe you work as a web designer and so you network primarily with creative people. However, just actually getting out and expanding your network into other things such as maybe something robotics related can be better. Because like there most of those people would likely only network with other robotic folks and if you are the only designer they have ever known personally you bet they will contact you first.

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