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Health and Success

In the midst of the extremely rainy whether, there are a lot of people getting sick around here. The interesting thing that I have noticed personally is that in a lot of cases people who are extremely successful seem to go through everyday without a sign of slowdown whereas people who constantly complain about their current direction in life are always getting some kind of symptom that prevents them from working or achieving their goals. Is it just a coincidence? Some people tell me that I just have a very good immune system and others joke that I’m a robot. I’m not a doctor or a scientist, but I wonder if there is any truth to the saying that it is all in your mind. Obviously if you got hit with some kind of infectious disease you’d probably be down for the count, but maybe one’s attitude in life also play a role in staying healthy.

Let’s see, is there anything that I do differently than others in terms of lifestyle? I think one thing that always shocks me is how many pills people take when they feel the slightest headache or cold. While I’m sure in certain cases you would need the help of some strong medicine to combat life threatening symptoms or vaccination to protect yourself from future threats, I personally think that your body will get stronger in being able to fend off common symptoms as it gets used to combating against viruses. I often see those antibiotic campaigns running on the TV and their slogan is something like “Not all bugs need drugs”. I guess I’m one to agree with that. Of course, this doesn’t mean you should start intentionally trying to get sick as a way to train your body.

An interesting thing that I also started a few years back was juicing. I thought to myself that if I had to constantly be working 10+ hours a day, then obviously that meant I should also try to include something new to help me get that extra ounce of energy each day. Otherwise in my view, it would be like trying to drive an extra 10 miles with a car that has the same amount of fuel as before. Juicing sounded like a good idea, so I gave it a shot. I can honestly say that it has helped me greatly. For example, if I had a very busy day, in the morning I would be very tired and almost reluctant to get up. However, what I immediately noticed is that if the night before I did some juicing with items like carrots and apples, I would still feel great in the morning. Keep in mind that even before this I still felt healthy, so I hope no one thinks that this must be the secret answer to staying healthy and becoming successful.

In general though, most of these things sound pretty average to me as I’m sure there are people who do the things that I do and others who do other things to accomplish the same goal. I wonder if there are any surveys or statistics out there that specifically try to analyze people who are successful and at the same time have a good health record. As I mentioned though, I’m not a doctor or scientist who has a large database to show the relation between a confident/successful person and one’s physical health. From what I have seen though, many people who are confident in themselves and their direction in life also seem to be constantly healthy and active. So before you worry too much on how to reach your next big milestone, be sure to take care of yourself first.

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