Having To Screen Out Robot And AI Work Fraud Now

Having To Screen Out Robot And AI Work Fraud Now

With all this talk about things such as ChatGPT and AI search engines I would have thought it’s still a technology that is more of a novelty at the moment as people try and work out the kinks. However, I was surprised to learn that a lot of people are already trying to use it to complete work for money. For example, you now literally see ads on sites for people who are looking for writers and explicitly writing that people using AI written work will be disregarded.

As well, the other day I was talking to my nephew and he was saying that teachers would fail students who use ChatGPT to do their homework for them such as writing an essay. Again, that shocked me where even school kids are already using the tech and how teachers are on the lookout for AI created content. I guess it’s a modern-day version of people simply plagiarizing information from a book as an example.

They say technology moves fast and this is no exception to the point where you kind of have to be aware of this now. For example, trying out the tech yourself to get familiarized with it.

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