Having To Put In An Effort To Spend So Much Money
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Having To Put In An Effort To Spend So Much Money

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Sometimes whenever I hear stories of people going into debt when they have so much money it’s incredible at how much they actually spend. For example, imagine someone just getting $100,000 from an inheritance where this actually puts them in a very good position in life to always be debt free. However, the person then begins to spend a ton of money buying expensive items and dining out on luxury foods.

Sometimes when you look at the spending habit though it’s almost like you have to actually put in the work to spend so much money as if you are working at some kind of job. One example I was hearing was how a person apparently dined out for meals about eight times a day. My first thought is how to dine out that much must take so much time and I can’t imagine most people would actually have like an empty stomach for all of those meals. You pretty much have to go out of your way to be at that many places it seems.

It almost feels like when you have too much money as a result of some kind of windfall of sort people get wired to spend the money as if you win the game of sort by depleting it. It should be the other way around like trying to get a high score. I think a way to solve that is to look at your bank account number daily. Seeing it go down is usually a good motivator for people to want it to go up. This is as opposed to say buying junk you don’t need where the challenge then because something like how fast you can fill up the closet.

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