Having To Buy Something
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Having To Buy Something

This was interesting I thought as there was a person who over the past months was saying that he was never going to spend money on certain products/services again as overall he just found that he was spending too much. For the most part he did follow through with this too. Then the funny thing was today he all of a sudden spent money on it again. When asked what his reasoning for it was he basically said because it was Black Friday and he didn’t do things such as go shopping in the mall. So he figured that he may as well spend money on something.

The power of mob mentality I was thinking. It’s like hearing all the news and buzz just makes it feel like you must have to do it too for many people. At the same time, I guess in this case he did mention that the sales did influence it so the notion that a person would be “missing out” was a factor too I guess. It’s like the only way for many to not start shopping like crazy is to not even pay attention to any media information about sales in general.

I actually didn’t end up getting anything today as I didn’t see anything that I really needed or would give as a gift.

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