Having Service Provider Options To Switch Ahead of Time
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Having Service Provider Options To Switch Ahead of Time

I was looking at the domain renewal prices for various domains recently and it was kind of crazy to look at the renewal prices. For one provider you could sign up for as low as $2 a year initially and early on you could renew the domain at a regular price at about $9 a year. When looking at it now just renewing a domain for one year is over $25. That is an insane price increase despite things like inflation. For some of them I ended up renewing since it was expiring soon and the transfer process may take too long. But for reasons like that you should try and always have an option to switch to.

This can be true for your household expenses as well. For example, it can be easy just to sign up for an Internet provider and just pay the bill. But like for myself recently my provider increased its rates to the point where the price seemed in line with other companies. However, I was constantly searching for better deals even before as I know companies often offer great incentives to switch over. In many cases the service is using the same lines too. Because of that I was able to switch companies instantly without having to deal with high increases.

I know a lot of people would think it’s a waste of time. But like the above example you can sure pay a lot by not really having options to go with when you actually need it.

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