Having No Financial Incentive To Provide Good Service

Having No Financial Incentive To Provide Good Service

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Today it got me thinking as I had to contact a government related service department where I needed to learn more information on how to fill out certain forms while at the same time understanding the requirements that are being asked. So after a few days it seemed like my question was being tossed around to a few people where eventually someone got back to me.

At first I could clearly tell that he didn’t seem to be too helpful where he kind of had that mentality of “go read this, bye” as opposed to addressing specific questions that I had. As well, to my surprise it seemed like he kind of made assumptions on what I was actually asking based on common questions that he did hear and would again just kind of sway it off.

It made me think how because this is a government job and not say a private service provider role he probably has no financial motivation to give say good customer service. Because you need to go through them anyways as an example as part of the government services. This is normal for any kind of work as you can always have an employee that could care less about the people hey service of course. But I know a lot of companies often put financial incentives for people to do a better job. For example, bonuses for people who get good customer feedback.

I sounds silly for offering people an incentive to do better when technically that is what they are paid for. But like in this case it kind of shows people often need those extra incentives.

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