Having Dress Codes For Perception

Having Dress Codes For Perception

I was thinking of going to an event tomorrow to see a drone light show which happens to be part of an event that appears to be partly created by a cocktail company of sort. Because of that it sounds like they have a dress code of sort. I suppose this is to add to the exclusivity perception of sort for the event even though from what I read a lot of activities are outdoors with tech stuff that you would usually associate with a more geek lifestyle.

One thing is for sure where when people re taking photos this will help the company in spreading its message as very high end I suppose which would work for companies that charge a premium or rely on big spenders as their customer base. I actually wonder how many people would be turned off by an event like this if they were forced to wear a suit and a tie as an example if the weather was very hot.

Most outdoor events I have seen don’t usually have a dress code because of reasons like the weather which can be unpredictable. If it’s pouring rain I don’t think forcing people to wear expensive or fashionable clothes would make sense versus them wearing a good jacket as an example. Indoors I could see more cases for this especially if it is truly a private event of sort. But again, I suppose perception is a big factor for the organizers.

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