Having A Wacky Perception of Item Value
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Having A Wacky Perception of Item Value

Recently there were these two kids who must have been like five years old and they were talking really loud out in public where the parents tried to get them to talk quieter. Their conversations appeared to be pretty over the top. For example, when a topic came up about traveling to a city that would take maybe a 30 minute drive at most the kids would respond with phrases like “We can’t go there……it will take like 5 days to get there.”

That then led to a conversation on what they wanted to buy and one kid said he wanted to buy a house and maybe a limousine. His friend then reacted by saying “Whoa…..you can’t by a limousine…..those things are like five million dollars………” and the other kid agreed. Basically, in their mind a limousine had more monetary value than a house. In a funny way, it kind of shows you how being uneducated about the actual cost of items can make you prioritize things in an odd way.

That might sound like a silly childish conversation, but I think adults have similar obstacles too in many ways where certain items are high in price simply because companies have done a good job in making them seem elite to the point where people just accept that it is worth more than it is. Would be a good educational tool to show a conversation like that to get you to really think about the cost of items that you pay for.

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