Having A Team For Last Minute Jobs

Having A Team For Last Minute Jobs

This was interesting today as I was called up for a very last minute job where it seemed like a company was awarded a contract where the client couldn’t make up their minds on what they wanted. Because of this they seemed to have just contacted people whom they could trust to figure things out at the last minute versus just a regular contractor as an example that gets the job done based on very specific requests.

This is actually very common I find where companies land a contract without any real direction as to how to tackle it as their client is simply giving them money to figure everything out. It’s almost like someone paying you millions of dollars to make a movie with the only instruction being they want it to be a particular genre and they need it to b great to make them money in return.

That’s not as easy to find reliable workers that can accommodate these kinds of circumstance. But it can be a very profitable way for businesses to make money as the investors often do just spend a lot as all the care about is the result. This is actually a good reason to try and focus on working with people you trust in the long-term versus always just going for the cheapest option as an example too.

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