Having A Huge Marketing Push Behind The Scenes

Having A Huge Marketing Push Behind The Scenes

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It’s was interesting reading articles about a scenario where for whatever reason it seemed like some random person achieved success overnight where they appeared in so many articles and media sources. As a result they were able to get a lot of eyeballs very quickly where in turn they were able to sell people a lot of stuff. This of course got reactions from people in the same field trying to analyze their work and why it got so much traction so fast.

For the most part people were stumped. It was interesting seeing people focus so much on the work itself where in reality the person most likely had a team working behind the scenes. For example, appearing in various media outlets so quickly without something major happening can usually be associated with a PR firm helping to push its clients. It’s not uncommon for sources to just publish articles that have been mostly done for them.

So many times if you are simply comparing your work and product where you are wondering why someone else is getting so much more attention keep in mind there may be a marketing machine working behind the scenes for them. Because many times it is who people know to help them get ahead.

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