Having A Grace Period Before Spending Donation Money

Having A Grace Period Before Spending Donation Money

A lot of people nowadays actually make a living by simply doing something that they love such as streaming video of a particular hobby and in return people donate money to help them maintain that lifestyle. So this was really interesting to me as I was reading online how someone apparently donated about $27,500 only to then have everything taken away due to a chargeback. As a result, he shows the negative balance in his PayPal account of over $10,000.

Of course, the first thing on my mind is how anyone can just take away the funds after awhile. From reading some of the comments, apparently in this case many people would give the donations as a business transaction where if they want their money back they can just claim they paid for a service that wasn’t what they expected. Similar to demanding refunds over false advertising as an example. In this case though it may have been due to stolen credit charges.

But imagine spending all that money thinking it’s great where you can say pay the rent for the month, buy food, etc. I guess for these types of situations it’s best to hold off in making any big spending decisions just in case something like this happens or you have implemented some kind of logistical procedure to ensure that once you get the funds it’s in your hands. This is one of the risks in relying on donations to maintain a living I suppose as it’s not like people getting spare change on the streets.

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