Hard Factory Resetting Equipment Before Determining It’s Broken
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Hard Factory Resetting Equipment Before Determining It’s Broken

The other day my mom was having problems with her old flip phone as for whatever reason it couldn’t fully boot up. The logos would come on but that is about as far as it gets. So the assumption was that the phone was broken as she started to ask around if anyone had an old phone they didn’t need. No one had one and during this time I took a look at the phone.

After troubleshooting it everything such as the power seemed fine. But since it couldn’t bootup my last attempt to see if it worked was to perform a hard reset on the phone as it should technically bring it back to fresh state encase the issue was with something she downloaded as an example. Sure enough, after hard resetting the phone I was able to get in and everything worked.

Kind of shows you with these types of items it could just be overtime things got clunky and messed up do to installing bad software a an example. So instead of just assuming you have to buy something new, hard resetting the product may yield the outcome you seek.

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