Going The Extra Mile For A Business Error

Going The Extra Mile For A Business Error

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Recently I went to a restaurant with my parents and one of the dishes was simply vermicelli with some seafood. As I ate it I noticed one piece seemed inedible. As it turned out it was a string of sort that people use to tie them up while packaging. I guess they got a little careless when they cut it initially. It didn’t bother me too much. But my dad kept calling for a person that worked there to simply show him what was found in the food. The person immediately apologized and said he would check things out.

The person then came back and assured us that it was just a minor mishap as everything was still good. Again, it wasn’t a big deal. But to our surprise a waiter then brings a brand new dish of the same order for us. The person managing also packs up the original order for us to take home as he even mentioned there is nothing wrong with it. You could say it was almost like getting two for one.

It did amaze me how they took initiative to just give a new dish. It goes a long way too as even for me it makes me think that they really care about the service. A lot of businesses would just leave things as is unless people demand for it. A customer does take notice in a good way.

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