Going Later Over A Big Sale To Dictate Spending

Going Later Over A Big Sale To Dictate Spending

Today there was another one of those sales at the supermarket where particular items are priced really cheap and you can expect the good stuff to be gone to the early morning rush. There wasn’t anything that I really wanted and so I just decided to drop by the store later in the early evening. You may be thinking how that is counter product as all the good deals will be gone right? Well, that is partly the point as I didn’t really need it. So if it’s sold out this way the universe made the decision for me to save my money.

There have been times where a lot of the better items were in stock and so I decided to buy them. But it’s a thing I do many times to help weigh my decision to spend money on say comfort goods or not during a good sale. I usually find I have no regrets either way. More often the items are sold out and I just save my money. Maybe that’s why it works well because it doesn’t happen all the time where it’s a small treat of sort.

I’m not sure of the exact terminology you would use for this approach as I wouldn’t call it delayed gratification as an example. But in many ways it kind of works the same I think to help control spending.

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