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Giving Your Wealth Away To Society

I was watching this Ted Talk video today about how Bill and Melinda Gates has essentially decided to give away their money to try and solve world issues through their foundation. You can watch the video here:

Usually when I hear stories like these it really makes me think what I would do if I was in that situation. Even for myself I usually still try to help people as much as possible. Of course as everyone knows in a business environment that can often mean getting taken advantage of and the challenge then becomes more of who is truly deserving of getting your support.

Generally speaking, it is great to be able to use your wealth to help others. Reading stories like successful business people secretly paying the bill for everyone’s coffee at a shop is priceless. Being able to create that kind of happiness and positivity into people’s lives is priceless. I know for myself my thought has always been that if I ever become that financially fortunate I would like to create some kind of self-sustainable solution that people can continually benefit from. Better to have your money constantly working to make a positive difference as oppose to a one time solution where people are dependent in needing more funds as an example.

I like reading/watching stories like these too where making money and business doesn’t always have to be like a boiler room. Always room to make people smile.

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