Giving Rewards People Can’t Use For Crowdsource Promotion

Giving Rewards People Can’t Use For Crowdsource Promotion

Today I received a delivery where the company left all these brochures and coupons in hopes to get more business. That is pretty normal for the most part where if you are happy with your purchase then you will likely shop with them again. But one thing I noticed was how they sent me offers for companies that are based entirely in the US. For example, home food delivery services where you can get 10 meals for free. Since I am in Canada I can’t exactly make use of it for myself.

But that did make me want to see if there was anyone in the US that wanted to take advantage of this as it seems wasteful for a semi decent offer. That then made me wonder. Could this actually be a legitimate marketing strategy? Basically, give people a ton offers which they can’t use and have them be your promoter instead as they try to give it away to someone? It almost sounds like an evil idea that could actually work.

At the same time can it be an insult to the customer where they wouldn’t return? Example, a vegan store where once you shop with them they give you a coupon for a free meal at a meat burger restaurant. Like there would you be outraged or simply give it away to one of your non vegan friends?

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