Giving Free Stuff In Case of Bad Experiences

Giving Free Stuff In Case of Bad Experiences

So today I went to a restaurant to celebrate Lunar New Years eve and it seemed like the restaurant wasn’t adequately prepared to handle all the reservations they took with dishes taking a long time to arrive while being sent out it weird orders. For example, meat dishes coming before the soup which should be in the beginning. While it wasn’t too big of a deal for most people, it seemed like the restaurant had a strategy for such an event.

At the end of everyone’s meal it seemed like each table was given some dessert and pastries to take home. They were all freshly cooked and packaged for people where many people were surprised. Afterwards, many customers were trying to wonder why they diced to give this for free as they never have before even on New Years. So, the assumption was they knew that they had messed up business and so this was done in hopes to make up for that error.

Very similar to restaurants who eat the bill if the food or service didn’t come out to their standards. But if that is the case here that’s a very smart idea I think as this probably cost the business a few dollars to make but at the same time can go a long way in making the customer feel appreciated despite what happened in the day. Every business should have this type of contingency in place to help avoid the customer leaving upset and ultimately leaving bad reviews as an example. It’s the thought that counts too I guess you can say.

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