Getting The Same Done With Daylights Savings Thought
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Getting The Same Done With Daylights Savings Thought

So tomorrow the clocks are supposed to go one hour ahead for daylights savings which means technically everyone should lose one hour in their day. That should be a bad thing such as less sleep. A funny thought I had though is how many people technically still end up getting the same stuff done in a similar manner. For example, knowing you will lose an hour of sleep some people get stuff done earlier the day before and go to sleep sooner. So technically when they wake up it will be as if nothing changed.

Why this got me thinking is how many times people say they can never find the time to say try something new in regards to starting a business ambition because their schedule is full. In this case though, the world won’t adjust for you not wanting to wake up at the new established time so one must find a way to adjust immediately as your 9 to 5 will still commence versus giving you the flexibility to arrive at 10 instead as an example.

In that regards, it kind of shows where when you really have to you will in a sense find time to make things work per se. Would that stick in your mind whenever you say you simply don’t have time to even start say a project that you have been holding off forever? Imagine giving yourself an artificial daylight savings day if it means finally starting on something you have been procrastinating.

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