Getting So Many Reward Points For A Purchase At Shoppers Drug Mart
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Getting So Many Reward Points For A Purchase At Shoppers Drug Mart

Not too long ago the store Shoppers Drug Mart had these crazy deals on LINDT chocolate where it seemed like an error of sort as you were rewarded double the points for buying a certain amount of product. It’s normal at this time for companies to try and dump excess chocolate from the Christmas time as the demand for these isn’t as high where if it expires then you lose a lot. So what caught my attention was how these chocolates had an offer again where this time you could get 3000 pints for a purchase which costs $8.49. Since 3000 points is basically three dollars you are essentially buying a pack for $5.49. Wouldn’t make me go crazy.

shoppers drug mart points chocolate

But then I saw for a specific flavor they were selling it for a clearance price at $4.19 each plus they were offering the 3000 points. That means each bag would be $1.19. That definitely caught my attention. I also had a coupon where if you spend $40 they would give you even more points. Too bad there wasn’t enough of the $4.19 bags to reach $40. So I ended up buying the other ones as well. The funny thing is in the end with tax I paid $44.28 and got 36,600 points. That means I paid $7.68 for all this.

points total reward

I technically gained more because usually they have special days where if you redeem your points they will increase the value of it. For example, redeem 200,000 points and they make that $275 instead. So at times like this I think it was worth the investment.

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