Getting Ready For The Sweatcoin Cryptocurrency Sweat Token
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Getting Ready For The Sweatcoin Cryptocurrency Sweat Token

I guess tomorrow will be the official launch of this Sweat Token and I am kind of excited to see where this goes considering I have been using their Sweatcoin app for years without expecting much. But now that these coins I accumulated will be converted to this Sweat Token cryptocurrency it will be a fun journey in learning about this industry and as well potentially a way to make money.

Normally in these situations it could be a risky venture to invest your money into it where the common advice is to only invest what you are willing to lose. So since I technically don’t need to spend money as all this was essentially “sweat equity” it may be interesting in terms of whether or not I should take bigger risks with this currency.

It almost feels like I have say $45,000 in the stock market to play around with. In reading all the papers from the company too there are a lot of options such as the ability to stake the coins which would be essentially locking up like an investment plan with the bank. Let’s see how this goes as I have nothing to lose.

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