Getting Mad At How People Spend Their Money
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Getting Mad At How People Spend Their Money

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It was fascinating to hear a person recently express his dislike on how some people spend their money where he felt it was an abuse of a system. Essentially, there was a retired person who lives on things such as savings now where he seems to spend it on things such growing plants or feeding wild animals. The monthly bill easily tallies up to over five hundred dollars it seems. Because of that he was saying how people like him shouldn’t get any government retirement funds as an example.

That was kind of a crazy mentality I thought. In my opinion, if you worked hard for your money then it’s your choice how to spend it. Being that critical about other people’s finances when they have everything set seems like a waste of energy. If anything you could use that energy for yourself to make things better. As well, what one person thinks is a great way to spend money can be seen as silly by another.

For example, typically a lot of people have no issues with others spending money on say a hockey game event where everyone is heavily invested in certain teams. Take that same concept into a different industry such as video games and you could see the same people comment how silly it is. Even though in essence it is the same thing. In many ways, everyone spends their money in very similar ways. Just in different industries. So no need to get mad over the way people spend their money which works for them.

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