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Get A Free $5 From Paypal By Sending Money To A Friend or Family

I assume a lot of you who shop online also have a Paypal account and so I thought this deal would be an easy way to make $5 for you. For Canadian readers, I just found out that Paypal is having a promotion it seems where if you simply send some money to another user with a Paypal account they will in-turn give you $5. From what I understand of the offer too, you have to send at least 50 cents Canadian to get the offer.

You essentially get credit on your account for $5 which you can then spend on any future purchases with vendors that accept Paypal. So to be clear, you can’t just take the $5 out of the account and into the bank. However, it’s an easy way for you and a friend or family member to save some money as I know people can at times go out of there way even for simple $2 off coupons. Here you can use it with a lot more freedom and variety.

You can

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