Gaining More From Small Platforms

Gaining More From Small Platforms

With so many different online platforms to publish your work often times people simply opt to choose one site such as the one they feel is currently the most popular to maximize potential. For things such as video content a lot of platforms nowadays often pay a little over one dollar per thousand views which isn’t that great. Compared to the old days where that could easily be double digits. But with a lot of competition, I thought this was a great example how you should try even the smaller players.

I was so shocked to see how one place had ad rates that almost seemed like we jumped back in time. In these cases I already had established work to publish where all I did was upload it there. Some rates were almost $20 per thousand views which again is crazy to think about nowadays. Imagine if I didn’t even bother to try new places. It’s important to spread out if you can even for those places that may not seem big now. This way you position yourself to capitalize on the growth should the platform ever get big. Like here, I reaped in the benefit of it.

You just never know when one place will close or decides they want to focus on specific niches that isn’t what you provide too. Keep those doors opened for yourself with more options.

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