Fruit Trees To Enhance Property Value
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Fruit Trees To Enhance Property Value

This was kind of a funny conversation where I was talking to a real estate who mentioned that some of the houses that he sells have some kind of tree or plant that grows fruits and vegetables and he uses that as nudge to enhance the value of buying the house.

Guess it makes sense in many ways yet at the same time I’m not quite sure why it is kind of humorous at the same time. I always thought having fruit trees or say a mini garden would be a good way to save money too general. Imagine having a collaboration of some sort where all your neighbors each grow something different.

You can pretty much just mix and match and save each other a lot of money. My neighbors actually do that where everyone pretty much encourage others to say take a plum or apple from the tree if they want one. Not sure if people would really consider that as a reason to boost a property value though.

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  • Jim Bean 9/3/2008

    That’s good advice Alan. You can save a lot of money by growing your own fruit. I suggest an apple or plum tree as the price of apples and plums are getting quite expensive.

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