Being A Free Walking Advertisement When You Think About It

Being A Free Walking Advertisement When You Think About It

Today as I was going through my regular day a person approached me as he was super fascinated with some of the gizmos that I used where he had always read about them but never seen them in-person. This happens a lot and I usually am more than happy to educate people. Afterwards he started to ask about things such as which company made them and where he could buy it.

That kind of got me thinking how many times we are essentially like a free salesman for the companies as when people see other real people using items it gives it immediate credibility of sorts. Like in this case it’s almost like just because he saw me use the item this brand is now stuck in his head as something that must be good the next time he needs to buy something similar.

People often frown upon others trying to make some extra income in selling products or services that they use themselves as well but in cases like this it makes you wonder why shouldn’t you get paid to do that if you had the option to do so?

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