Free $50 Visa Gift Card – RBC Banking Statement Challenge
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Free $50 Visa Gift Card – RBC Banking Statement Challenge

royal bank canada free $50 visa offer

I’m not sure what it is with banks this new year and all the free money offers to get people to try and use its services. But it seems that the Royal Bank of Canada has an offer too where all you need to do is book an appointment and compare your current banking fees with an adviser. Afterwards, you will receive $50 for your time. You can read more details at

Pretty much another way to make like $50 in less than an hour basically if you are looking for some extra new year’s money while at the same time sizing up your banking options. To be honest, I have no idea how they would compete with all the no fee banking offers out there. Almost makes me curious to drop by a branch just to see if they even offer a similar option. Free money for your guys though if you take the offer.

It almost makes me want to see like a bank panel debate without the marketing hype to see which Canadian bank is truly the best value option.


  • jayia grum 8/7/2016

    i want one

  • Ahmad 8/30/2016

    plese give me

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