Following Up Business Errors With Compensation

Following Up Business Errors With Compensation

I was thinking as recently there was a company that seemed to be messing up an order really bad to the point where it felt like it was run out of someone’s basement as an example as a side home business. For example, someone randomly selling items on Ebay. While there were a lot of apologies, the company doesn’t seem to offer the customers any kind of compensation for their errors. That got me to think, should that be a standard business practice to offer compensation?

For example, many times when a company messes up they would offer customers some kind of store credit as a way to say sorry for the inconvenience. In a lot of cases that is good enough for many to feel like the company is taking accountability for its errors while valuing the customer’s business. In contrast, if all the company does is say they are sorry that usually isn’t enough for many.

The example I often use for a comparison is if the screw up was from the customer’s end such as they received the product and failed to fully pay the company as weeks go by I doubt an apology would be good enough as I wouldn’t be surprised if a business then starts to send debt collectors to the customer or asks for interest.

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