Focusing On A Core Skillset And Networking For The Others

Focusing On A Core Skillset And Networking For The Others

Today I went to an event where I got to tryout some high-end camera equipment as I was contemplating about one in the future for work related purposes. There were specialized employees there as well who should know the products inside out to help people use the camera for them to decide if it is right for them.

Near the end of my session a person recognized me and we started to talk a bit about drone tech. The worker jumped into the conversation and how for his work he originally tried to offer drone related services but eventually decided to just find other people to do it as it was too much hassle for him to learn all the legalities while keeping up with the hardware.

With that thought he asked if he could contact one of us in the future should he ever need to refer people for a project and I agreed. It kind of made me think example like these show how simple it can be to simply network with the people who have skills and resources you lack. As well, it probably was wiser for him business wise to build those connections versus trying to do everything himself.

I suppose that’s a decision you need to make on whether or not you want to say rely on the services of others to fill in a gap. I think if it’s more of a value added service to what you actually specialize in then it could make sense to say partner up with other providers.

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