Focusing In Empowering Others For Success

Focusing In Empowering Others For Success

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This was kind of interesting as it dealt with the Jack Ma who is the founder of Alibaba as he talked about his philosophy on success and how many times he got rejected in life. While it’s probably not anything new to what you hear from most successful people I think it’s good to constantly hear it from different people’s perspective as you find what style works for you. You can see the video here:

I think one of my favorite part of the video is when he stated something along the lines of when you have a billion dollars that money is not yours. Instead that is the trust that society has given you. Such an interesting way of looking at it as you could easily have a polar opposite person say it’s all theirs to do as they please.

Overall the empowering others is very true though. Even from personal experience from working for others there was a specific incident where all a company had was one manager change who took away this empowerment from all the employees. Not surprisingly the profits and all sank afterwards. Easier said than done for many of course. So stuff like this is a nice reminder where you often have to help others succeed first before you will yourself.

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