Focusing On The Dollar or Percentage Off
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Focusing On The Dollar or Percentage Off

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While I am not an alcohol drinker personally today I stepped inside a liquor store as my dad had been saying that he has been looking for some wine to drink. Apparently he was hearing that a little wine here and there was supposed to be good for your heart. So I walked in expecting all the bottles to be about twenty dollars plus. I t was surprising for me to see that some of them were like eight dollars. That cheaper than raw juice in some instances which doesn’t make sense to me.

There were some wine that was on sale for one dollar off. Example, a wine that normally costs ten dollars was now like nine. He gave a pretty big reaction to that and said that it was such a good deal. I was looking at it and even said it’s one dollar off which doesn’t seem that much to me to get excited over. He then said to me how that one dollar is basically ten percent off the price of the item which is pretty big.

wine dollar off

I was trying to think or myself where if I was to buy anything else like say juice or milk for nine dollars where the original price is ten in these cases I can’t help but to focus on the amount of dollars off as opposed to the percentage off to determine if it is a crazy deal even though technically the percentage off should be the focus.

I feel the reason I do it in these cases is because it’s too easy to just buy random stuff with the lure off stores telling you that something is like fifty percent off. So instead I tend to focus on how much I need to pay period as at the end of the day that’s how much you will have to take out of your bank account. Of course in his retirement age it doesn’t matter as much. But I would imagine for people who are still working and all that spending your money wisely is a lot more important.

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