Finding Rare Commodities On Your Own For Money
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Finding Rare Commodities On Your Own For Money

Well this was kind of surprising to me today. A person was telling me that one way that he makes money in his spare time is that he literally goes out and tries to find diamonds at various obscure locations. Sure enough, he has made some money this way. Of all the things you try to do to avoid paying retail prices for items this is definitely something that most people would not normally think of.

In some ways it might sound weird, but I would think that your odds of doing something like this could be better than winning the lottery actually. I just question how productive you can be without using some professional equipment to mass search for the item. It would be like trying to find gold in the river with just a little pan.

My first reaction with this too is that at this day and age even if you can’t find these items the journey itself can probably act like a hedge fund. I’m sure you can find ways to get an audience if you say video documented everything. Hence, you can probably generate revenue and funds that way after too. Even I admit that it sounded kind of interesting where even though it is was probably one of the few ways people made a lot of money way back it’s good to know that there are so many options out there on the things you can do.

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