Finding Out How Much Someone Profits Off You

Finding Out How Much Someone Profits Off You

I was reading an interesting comment from a person recently where they were approach by a fairly well known company that goes around online and licenses people’s work to use on its platforms and projects. People are usually enthusiastic about it as well as the payment could be say $300 which is a lot of money. Especially if the item such as the photo you taken was dimply done for fun. How would you feel though if you knew that the company was actually reselling your work for say $10,000 instead? Would you still be happy with the $300?

It made me think how it can be useful to understand your worth by finding out how much people are profiting off of you. I remember an example way back where I was simply charging a person about $200 to make this website because he told me he just wanted to offer his clients the service as a value added item to increase his main business. So I figured why not as I wanted to help him out. But one day I got suspicious as I asked him how much he was actually charging them. He literally kept responding in a nervous voice saying nothing. That ended up not being true as he was literally reselling it for like $2000.

Having that kind of information is important to know if you are being take advantage of. At the same time it demonstrates how viable and profitable your skillsets really are if you never looked at it that way. As they say, knowledge is power.

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