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Fighting Through The Crowd or Choosing A Different Path

The other day I was taking the rapid transit back home after a large event and as expected the train station next to the stadium had a massive lineup. You would probably have to line up for at least 30 minutes just to get on and then you have to factor in the time to travel afterwards. The funny thing was the train goes in two directions of course and everyone is trying to get out of the city. Now the next station if you were going further into the city is actually just a 10 minute walk or so. What you can literally do is walk ten minutes to the next station, hop on the train grab a seat and essentially not have to fight with the crowd while still getting on board faster to leave.

Kind of makes me think for any kind of business scenario too where often we spend a lot of time trying to figure a way to navigate through say a large sea of competitors and all by going the direct route. Sometimes though like in this example you can just adjust your path where you don’t have to deal with the mob while still reaching your destination as intended. With this train example doesn’t that feel weird not to just walk to the next station? It’s almost like standing in a long line at the grocery store because it “looks right” with all the people there yet the cashier just a little bit further down is open.

I guess it’s about training yourself too to search for opportunities that are better for you as opposed to going with what is immediately in front of you as if it is the only way.

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