Familiar With What’s Really A Sale Price
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Familiar With What’s Really A Sale Price

I mention frequently that it’s good to see various prices for products at different stores as you eventually built a database of product prices to know what is truly a good deal or not. What a great example of this today where I walked past a store and there appeared to be a sale for these juices at about $1.79 each. Marked down from its original price of $2.19. Sounds great, but I knew from observation in the past this is not a good deal.

So I walked to a different store that was a few minutes away and here we find the exact same juice brand and product package. Here, it’s on sale for $1.19. I have actually seen it cheaper in recent times, but that is a substantial difference from the first store huh? A great example too on how you can’t just rely on what the store tells you in regards to how much you are saving. It’s best to research yourself on what is truly the best deals through frequent price observing at stores.

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