Fake Mcafee Billing Renewal Scam
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Fake Mcafee Billing Renewal Scam

I always wonder if these scams work. Would imagine it has to for people to do it. Here was a strange e-mail I saw where an e-mail attempted to make it sound like one has been billed hundreds of dollars for a Mcafee security product service. I would imagine the hope is that someone would freak out and then contact the number to get a refund which in turn is how they would most likely scam people out of their information and money . Even the name it is addressed to is weird. Either way, delete it.

Delivery-date: Fri, 29 Oct 2021 18:29:26 +0000
Subject: Your subscription has been renewed
Date: Fri, 29 Oct 2021 22:10:37 +0530
X-Mailer: Microsoft Outlook 16.0
X-SpamExperts-Class: unsure
X-SpamExperts-Evidence: Combined (0.51)
X-Recommended-Action: accept

Dear Hunley

HELPDESK: 18006740451

INVOICE DATE: Oct/29/2021
INVOICE NO: 407-0353423-7980824
Invoiced for 1-year plan towards your computer protection & security license
renewal key.
License Validity: Oct/29/2021 – Oct/28/2022
McAfee Total Security Family (10 Devices)
Security License Key
Internet Protection Plan & Security
Tax (11%)
Paid Amount

Your subscriptions has been activated. It may take few hours for this transaction to appear in your account. You previously paid for a basic plan of McAfee total security Services. If you don’t wish to renew or pay $399.57, please follow the steps below to cancel your Subscriptions/Plan.

Call us on 18006740451 (Toll free) and speak to an agent for the refund. It might take upto 48 hrs for the refund to reflect on your account.
Thank You,
Billing Team
Helpline Number: 18006740451

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