Factoring In All Those Recycling And Disposable Fees
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Factoring In All Those Recycling And Disposable Fees

It seems like there are so many things nowadays here where there are additional fees attached to the items you buy that is supposed to go towards the cost of recycling or disposing your belongings. I guess the most recent example here are these environmental disposal fees that you have to pay when you buy various electronics here which can easily add another $30+ to your purchase. The bad thing about ones like this in particular is that you can’t recoup the cost either. Even items as simple as juice boxes come with a fee now too. But, at least with those you can get your money back.

I have had a few friends who went to buy some kind of product just to be surprised on the additional fees that they have to pay now which kind of spoils the pre-budget planning when you go out to buy items. Result, it seemed like they didn’t want to bother in doing the research again to find an item within a specific budget and therefore they end up trying to make a last minute decision on the spot.

Don’t forget those little fees the next time you go shopping. Especially if it is for presents and you decide to shop at the last minute. That could sure blow a big hole in your budget plans.

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