Extremely Cheaper Phone Service Prices
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Extremely Cheaper Phone Service Prices

A lot of people nowadays actually ditch a home telephone line where they simply use their cell phone instead which saves one a lot of money. Here anyways a home phone number could easily be $30 or more a month if you don’t bundle it in with other services. VOIP phones are also an option for many as you can usually get home phone service for about ten dollars or so with the drawback being you need to have Internet service for it to work.

But recently I decided to switch services for a family member as their current company was going downhill in terms of service quality. Upon signing up with a new VOIP company everything seemed to work like it always has. It was the bill that was kind of shocking even though that is what was advertised. You can see the final monthly bill was $5.55 when you include all taxes. Before they were only paying a little over ten dollars but it’s just amazing to see how much cheaper other companies can be.

Only time will tell in terms of quality, but if you are tight on a budget this demonstrates there are those really cheap options out there that may do the job you specifically need.

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