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The Extreme Costs of Not Being In A Relationship

I was watching this mini documentary online today where apparently in Japan a lot of woman are hiring men to essentially act as like a boyfriend of some sort for a fee. From what I gather it was explained that plenty of woman there are now more independent which I guess like for many that usually means skipping out in trying to find a significant other. But as this video kind of implied people need to have like a close person to like talk to while expressing emotions. So without investing the time and energy to find a compatible partner in life people opt to use a service like this instead.

I was just thinking as it was mentioned those services there can go up to like $60/hr. Try doing that for like a full month where financially it should make you wonder. For example, if your end goal was to have like a significant other in life for the above it almost makes more sense to be in a less demanding career where you may make less money but it gives you the time to invest in building a relationship. But I guess at this day in age would you rather be fully independent financially versus having a significant other?

It kind of puts the whole idea of career and money in a spiral I feel in many ways as most of us were taught that ultimately you need the money to “feed the family” while buying a home for everyone of sorts. Or at the same time I know even for most people I am around the mentality is usually to work your tail off to make as much money as you can right now and worry about getting into a relationship later. Even from a financial point of view though does videos like these not make you think maybe finding that right person first and then building the life would be potentially wiser?

Although this type of thing probably varies greatly depending on the culture you live in and the opportunities that are provided. But in places where you do have the option it’s kind of an interesting thing to think about.

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