Experimenting Too Much On Your Customers

Experimenting Too Much On Your Customers

Many times when it comes to making money companies will do their research on what they think the market will pay and then adjust prices accordingly if they are getting no sales. There was a recent example that was interesting where a company essentially tried to charge it userbase more while introducing new small fees for features that would normally be free in their new releases. This was explicitly an experiment to see if people wouldn’t care which would mean more profits. People definitely took notice though and as you can imagine a lot of public attention was brought to the issue.

The only thing I can think on why someone would think it’s a great idea is because all they do is look at numbers and data. I am always surprised when people don’t consider the human factor in these types of decisions as many times people will simply not come back knowing that the company even tries a stunt like this. It’s one thing if price increases are due to inflation as an example. But trying to squeeze every penny out of people as if you truly only care about money is a disaster waiting to happen.

One of the most common types of people as well that I see do stuff like this are those who experienced success extremely fast such as through luck and timing. Never having to build a business by knocking on everyone’s door manually as an example usually voids one of the senses on how important every customer is. Don’t treat people as just numbers that you think will just reset if you mess up. It’s like a relationship that needs to be maintained once you established it.

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