Expecting To Companies To Always Have Specific Items

Expecting To Companies To Always Have Specific Items

This was funny as today I bumped into a friend and we decided to grab dinner to catch up. He suggested we go to this Korean supermarket which happened to have some restaurants as well that were very casual and perfect for conversations. Once we made an order we decided to get something to drink from the supermarket side. Since this was a Korean specific supermarket he expressed how he wanted some banana milk.

That’s where the shocker came in as he couldn’t find any. He was constantly saying how they must have some considering where we were. I suggested he ask the employee and afterward the employee walked us to the front as apparently that’s where they were located. Unfortunately, they were all sold out. He was still in disbelief and was disappointed.

I suppose to him this would be like going to a hamburger restaurant where they run out of hamburgers. There’s definitely expectation to have inventory of specific products like these huh? Although I do wonder where if people don’t find these specialty items would one tend to treat it as simply out of stock a if you are trying to buy an everyday apple? Or would one tend to view the business very negatively as if it is false advertising?

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