Expecting Any Deals At The Nordstrom Liquidation

Expecting Any Deals At The Nordstrom Liquidation

Apparently tomorrow Nordstrom will officially begin clearing out inventory at its stores due to it closing down its Canadian operations. This store carries premium priced products that are way beyond the budget for most average people. I had one friend saying how he saw towels for over sixty dollars as an example which makes you wonder where if you go there looking for a deal tomorrow is it still worth it for the average person?

Imagine seeing that towel at 50% off but still costing thirty dollars as an example. Maybe it’s made of some high-end material, but again for that price a price conscious person can probably buy a bunch of towels that are good enough for their purpose. Of course you could say a frugal person should not be shopping there anyways.

If this is anything like most liquidation sales though I wouldn’t be surprised if a lot of people end up buying a large part of the inventory at just a ten percent discount. Especially in this case where people were originally willing to spend so much regardless of as sale.

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