Expecting A Launch Day Not To Need Special Sales

Expecting A Launch Day Not To Need Special Sales

It’s natural to expect a semi established business to have a busy day whenever they open up a new store. It can be the hype of being in a new area which introduces thousands of new people to the store. Usually, companies have some kind of sale to attract customers. For this one case I saw though the company felt that they would be making a lot of money regardless of special deals. Therefore, they decided not to discount anything.

I feel this is a mistake as you kind of want to make a good first impression and what better time to do it when you have everyone’s attention. There is probably a good risk too where if people don’t see any crazy deals then they will wonder what the hype is all about and go elsewhere in the future. Imagine the word of mouth advertising you could get too by having at least one great deal. Even if people missed out they would tell others about it in anticipation for future sales.

Even there financially, imagine sacrificing $200 in profit and in return you get $10,000 worth of advertising through word of mouth for it. That can include people posting the deal online everywhere too which makes it even more valuable.

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