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Everyone Having An Opinion About Your Wealth

I was reading this interesting article today at which essentially discussed how a couple who was financially well off all of a sudden found themselves in the unemployment line. A result, they had to get financial aid with things such as food stamps.

As the title of the article implies, the fact that they had a Mercedes made people judge them very negatively as I am sure most people would immediately assume they are simply gaming the system. As well, the notion of getting this kind of assistance seemed kind of embarrassing for them from what I read.

That is an interesting topic I think where it’s a common occurrence where we are always naturally judged for the items we own. I know for myself some people say I must have a ton of money to blow since I own a fair amount of pricey electronics for example. However, what people usually wouldn’t bother to consider are the things I don’t do. Might be hard for many to believe, but I don’t have a coffee habit like many others for example where you could probably buy some pretty nice stuff as well with money you save.

Don’t be too quick to judge until you hear people’s entire story I guess is the morale of the story. At the same time, don’t let non constructive criticism stop you from achieving your financial goals.

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